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Through rigorous analysis and meticulous research methods, study conducted by the CA state SLO county on Heal unveils valuable insights into the efficacy and effectiveness of integrating Heal into addiction recovery, behavioral health treatment and co-occurring disorders.

The CA state SLO county aims to study the impact of Heal therapy in conjunction with traditional talk therapy on clients receiving mental health services treatment under the San Luis Obispo (SLO) county Behavioral health department.

Clients select a desired guided or unguided immersive sound track. After the session, clients are then prompted to complete a brief journal entry where they indicate their feelings, emotions before and after each session.

At least 1 coping skill
Started own mindfulness practice
Reduction in stress
Avg. length of each session
Avg. hours spent on retouching

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Avg. hours spent on retouching
Clients are eagerly engaging in the Heal process and do associate calmness, relaxation, and other typically positive feelings with the Heal experience.
CA state SLO county Behavioral Health Dept.
Clients indicate improved attitudes after completing Heal sessions, an outcome consistent with improved mental health.
CA state SLO county Behavioral Health Dept.
For typically “negative” emotions, there is an observed decrease in the percentage of client-journals that indicated those emotions after the session relative to before the session.
CA state SLO county Behavioral Health Dept.
For the “positive” emotions, there is a general increase after the session relative to before the session.
CA state SLO county Behavioral Health Dept.

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To amplify wellbeing through immersive transformational human experiences.

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